Security Systems Specialists (Job Code: SSS-MCA)

Analyze, test,troubleshoot, and evaluate existing security network systems; provide phonesupport, troubleshooting, resolution and documentation support services to endusers, systems administrators and service support technicians on deployedsecurity technologies; set operational specifications and formulate softwarerequirements; modify existing software to correct errors, upgrade interfacesand improve security systems performance; conduct tests of security systems;analyze and escalate technical issues requiring manufacturer/vendor assistanceto appropriate vendors and engineering support teams; document project status,proposals and technical issues to determine, recommend and plan modificationsof existing systems; assist with the application of systems products to meetcustomer's engineering and quality requirements; ensure the use of policies andprocedures in all aspects of project preparation and implementation, includingquality control, logistics, materials flow, and production coordination.Utilize experience with security systems technology including SoftwareHouse/CCure supported hardware (iStar panels, REX, card readers, locks, anddoor contacts); IP networking; troubleshooting techniques for low voltagesystems; design and development of intercom systems; and, Genetec supportedhardware (Axis cameras, IO modules, and LPR).
Education and experience requirements: Bachelor?s degree, or foreign equivalent degree, in Computer Science,Industrial Engineering, Engineering (any) or a related field, and three (3)years of experience as Systems Engineer, Applications Engineer or relatedengineering occupation. Theposition requires three (3) years of experience with the following: securitysystems technology including Software House/CCure supported hardware (iStarpanels, REX, card readers, locks, and door contacts); IP networking; troubleshootingtechniques for low voltage systems; design and development of intercom systems;and, two (2) years of experience with Genetec supported hardware (Axis cameras,IO modules, and LPR).
Worksite location: Menlo Park, CA
To apply, mail resume to JS, JCI,5757 N. Green Bay Ave., Mailbox X62, Milwaukee, WI 53209. Must reference jobcode: SSS-MCA when applying. ?


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